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The MA Dredging Program FY25 Annual Grant Round offers construction grants to coastal municipalities for saltwater dredging. Funding is open to the Commonwealth's 78 coastal municipalities.

Before you begin

All applicants are required to submit the following:

  • Completed application
  • Site plan
  • Current permits, if not already submitted in a prior round

Additional attachments may be required. For complete round information, please refer to the RFP available at COMMBUYS, bid# BD-24-1100-EED01-EED01-98514.


Please contact EOHEDgrants@mass.gov and specify the grant program for which you are applying in the subject line. Program staff will be available for technical support up to 5:00 pm on the application due date.

This is the FY2024 reporting form for currently contracted grant recipients. 


The Social Enterprise Capital Grant Program was created to invest in employment social enterprises that contribute to economic growth in low-income communities. 

The program makes capital grants to non-profit organizations to develop eligible facilities for social enterprises that target individuals facing significant barriers to employment.

What you need

To be considered for funding, the applicant organization must meet the following requirements: 

  • be a Massachusetts non-profit organization in good standing, and 
  • meet the RFP’s definition of an employment social enterprise, and 
  • successfully operating an employment social enterprise for at least 12 continuous months prior to the time of application, and 
  • be the current or imminent owner of the real estate to be purchased, repaired, rehabilitated, and/or renovated, and 
  • offering paid employment opportunities to low-income individuals, with priority to socially and economically disadvantaged populations who experience complex needs and barriers to employment that require intensive interventions, and 
  • paying participants in the social enterprise no less than the Massachusetts minimum hourly wage for their employment.  

Applicant will also be required to affirm and demonstrate that it currently provides the following services to social enterprise participants, and plans to provide them to future participants:

  • Outreach to targeted populations.
  • On-the-job training and skill development, including worksite supervision and performance coaching.
  • Comprehensive supportive services for at least 1 year (including, but not limited to, case management, aimed at helping to overcome barriers to employment).
  • Assistance to obtain external employment.
  • Job retention services, which include follow up with beneficiaries for at least 1 year and employers to support job retention and advancement.

Applicants are required to submit the following:

For complete program requirements and application instructions, please refer to the RFP for the FY2025 grant round. 


Please contact EOHEDGrants@mass.gov and specify the grant program for which you are applying in the subject line. Program staff will be available for technical support up to 4:00 pm on the application due date. Submittable Help is always open. 

Executive Office of Economic Development Community Programs